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What IS the Metal Gear Symphony Album?
Where is it available?

The Playstation 1 game Metal Gear Solid contains some of the most iconic game music ever written composed by Kazuki Muraoka and Iwase Tappi.  While the original score still holds up rather well, there was room for sound quality improvement as well as loads of both orchestral and electronic embellishment.  Metal Gear Symphony is a full album containing cover versions of almost all of the tracks from the Metal Gear Solid soundtrack.  For this project, only the best sample libraries (as well as some custom sounds) were utilized by veteran video game composer RICH DOUGLAS to bring the music of Metal Gear Solid to life.  Every note and nearly every cue have been carefully orchestrated and mastered to update the music from the game to more modern standards.  Heavily influenced by artists like Harry Gregson-Williams, Hans Zimmer, and Mark Mancina, composer Rich Douglas turns the music from Metal Gear Solid into a cinematic tour de force.  Also included as a bonus are several cinematically updated versions of chiptunes heard in the NES games Metal Gear and Snake's Revenge. 


Metal Gear Solid is an action-adventure stealth video game developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Japan and first published by Konami for the PlayStation in 1998. The game was directed, produced and co-written by Hideo Kojima and serves as a sequel to the MSX2 versions of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, which Kojima also directed.



When completed (sooner than you might think), the album will be available to purchase at Loudr and on iTunes.



Is this Licensed (is this LEGAL)?

YES!  The original tunes are fully licensed by the audio ninjas at Loudr making this a very legitimate release which will make sure the original artists are compensated with royalty payments from every sale.


Click the logo below to visit their site for more info!

About the Composer - Rich Douglas

Upon graduation from The Guildhall at SMU in 2005, Rich Douglas was hired by Id Software as a sound designer / composer / level designer. While at Id, he composed all of the music and sound heard in Orcs and Elves (EA/Id Mobile) as well as Orcs and Elves 2 (EA/Id Mobile) as well as tackled designing a handful of the levels within the game.


    The following year, he moved to Paradigm Entertainment (THQ), acting as the lone audio technician (audio director). While there, he had the opportunity to compose the majority of the music heard in Stuntman Ignition (THQ/Paradigm).

    Now a full time freelancer with over 10 years of game audio and music experience, Rich has scored games across many platforms including the Xbox 360, PC, and iOS. Recently, he has scored Evochron Mercenary, Lifeless Planet, Insurgency, Takedown: Red Sabre, all of which are currently available on STEAM.  Rich also completed all of the sound and music heard in Stan Lee's iOS game Verticus, and has recently finished his 70 minute score and designed over 600 sounds  for the official remake of the NES classic, Shadowgate which is also now available on STEAM and!


Rich is a Dallas, Texas native.. but currently residing in Memphis TN in a constant state of BBQ induced Rock and Roll euphoria.


More info about Rich and the games he has scored can be found via his website:


September 30, 2014

The album is now available to purchase over at Loudr for $7.99... which is $1 cheaper than it will be on itunes!

September 23, 2014

The Metal Gear Symphony album is now completed, clocks in around 46 minutes and about to be submitted to Loudr and iTunes.  

September 22, 2014

ESCAPE has been completed and clocks in at just over 3 minutes.  It's as cinematic and epic as they come.  Also added multiple clips to the tracklisting section of the site so go have a listen!

September 21, 2014

Both VR TRAINING and the VR Missions expansion MENU / TITLE were completed today.  They rock.  Three more tracks to go, and then this album is ready for release!


September 20, 2014

Today two new slices of audio goodness have been added to the tracklist / clips page.  This includes the first FULL TRACK preview for the iconic piece, ENCOUNTER.  Also added was a clip for the recently completed ENCLOSURE which now features a full divisi choir, female...

September 19, 2014

Added track times to the tracks which have been completed (over half).  Some great progress has been made, both Colloseo and Enclosure were tackled today and sound very moody and cinematic.

September 18, 2014

The full tracklisting, album art, and various short audio clips from the album have been added to the page!


September 17, 2014

Have a look around and listen to the samples.  More info to come soon!

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