01 - Shinobi - Mission 1-1 (Arcade)

02 - Shinobi - Bonus Stage (Sega Master System)

03 - Shinobi - Mission 1-2 (Arcade)

04 - Shinobi - Boss Fight (Arcade)

05 - Shinobi - Underground (Arcade)

06 - Revenge of Shinobi - Long Distance (Sega Genesis)

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An Arp Odyssey synthesizer, a LinnDrum, and a few acoustic traditional Japanese instruments are featured on this retro synth officially licensed cinematic tribute to the arcade smash hit SHINOBI.

Almost every track from the arcade game have been updated to sound more like something you would hear in an early 80s / late 70s Ninja film with a completely synthetic score, this album breathes fiery new (old) life into the iconic music from this classic game originally composed by  Yasuhiro Kawakami .


Shinobi was a hit and iterations / sequels of it have been released on many platforms including Sega Genesis, Sega Master System, the Sega Game Gear, and the Nintendo Entertainment System.  In fact, this release features the bonus stage music from the Sega Master System of the game and the heroic piece "Long Distance" from Revenge of Shinobi on the Sega Genesis.


Arrangements and music by veteran video game composer Rich Douglas (shadowgate, lifeless planet, day of infamy) and the synth portions were recorded live on a vintage ARP Odyssey Syntehsizer

Other retro game soundtracks... re-imagined 

An officially licensed Shinobi Soundtrack Synth Re-Recording

"SHINOBI"® is a trademark of SEGA Games Co LTD, registered in the U.S.. Musical compositions are © SEGA Games Co LTD and under license to Rich Douglas MUSIC LLC, d/b/a Rich Douglas, and are used with permission. All rights reserved.  

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